Clean, fresh and safe
from top to bottom, edge to edge


2Carpet that’s as clean and safe as it looks

Everything in the air and on the bottom of people and pets’ feet – dirt, pet hair and dander, bacteria, allergens and dust mites – ends up in your carpet. Unfortunately, many carpet-cleaning services leave behind carpets that look clean but retain soap and toxic chemicals that attract more dirt.
Dirt and toxic chemicals don’t belong in anybody’s home! So, we spent two years coming up with a whole new system to leave not just your carpets but also your upholstery and air ducts clean and fresh with Green Seal products.

Carpet cleaning
the bioHome difference from edge to edge

4Superior products: Our cleaners are Green Seal-certified effective and safe for kids, pets and everyone else you love.

4Superior equipment: It operates in your house, close to your carpets – with higher suction for better cleaning, faster drying and no hoses running out your door and down your sidewalk.

4Superior service: Two technicians mean twice the attention to detail. They even move your furniture so your carpets are clean from edge to edge.

Upholstery and air ducts
the bioHome difference from top to bottom

The rest of your home collects the same dirt and germs as your carpet. Let us get rid of it in the same safe, proprietary way using Green Seal-certified organic cleaners and state-of-the-art equipment. Just ask us about:

4Upholstery cleaning: We use the same safe products and specialized equipment to clean sofas and chairs as we do carpets.

4Duct cleaning: We bring our equipment into the house and don’t use chemical sanitizers!

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